Rev. V. D George

St. Luke's Nurses Chapel

Rev. V. D George, born in peruva, kottayam district, Kerala in a farmer family was devoted to God since childhood and was anointed with the holy spirit even before he was a teenager and was used by God through various gifts of the Holy Spirit.
At the age of 12 he had a revelation of God which transformed his life and he dedicated his life for the service of the Lord. At the age of 18 after PRE Degree he joined a Bible School in Bhopal. He traveled throughout India and pioneered churches in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. B.Th., M.Div., M. Min, and M. Th., from Accredited Institutions. 

Founder's Vision

As a medical missionary Dr. Peterson Luke, had his own perspective on mission works. he was inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus: the body, soul and mind, and wanted to venture in this aspect. Thus he pioneered a nursing institution in Visakhapatnam especially for the women folk of the backward and down trodden communities. Much importance was given for the spiritual development of the students since the inception which continuous even today. He believed that a family that prays together stays together. For him the institution was his extended family and therefore they all started the day at the chapel and prayed together.

The institutions aim at the total wellbeing and all round development of the students and the staff. The spiritual, moral and ethical development is also very important in the period of training. This is done through counseling and many other activities based on the values of the Bible. Spiritual discourses are done for the development of the students. Worship service on sundays is mandatory for all the hostellers where day scholars also are welcomed. The services are conducted by the students themselves under the leadership of the chaplain. This is an opportunity for the students to develop leadership qualities and public communication skills in them. The chapel provides them an opportunity to get rid of their tensions anxieties and worries in the presence of the Lord. It gives pleasure to us to find that many find their lord and savior and dedicate their life for the glory of God. The spiritual services help the students to maintain a cordial relationship and knit closer in the love of the Lord. The students learn to pray and depend on the lord for the rest of their life. Some of our graduates are used by god as prayer cell leaders and worship leaders, in their respective places of work. 

St. Luke's Minority Educational Society is a Non-Profitable Educational Society based at Visakhapatnam, Adhrapradesh, India.. the Luke's Management shows keen interest in supporting its students in placement activities and maintains a life-long commitment in providing them a bright future.

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